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Hello, My name is Praval Dadheech


I am a freelance digital marketing professional (Google Ads/ FB ads, Videos, social media) & TRAINER Online Course Creator  of  Zero Cost Ethical Marketing for Doctors & upcoming future  Zero Cost Ethical Marketing for Non Medical segments.

The basic idea of Zero Cost Ethical Marketing is  to USE FREE things wherever whatever available across 11 different aspects of running a small Business set like a full body CT SCAN and find out all FREE Ways possible to INCREASE sales, revenues, customers by 20%  PLUS  15% Extra FREE TIME by organizing, automating & also using  try to  fix all leakages, seepages in your Sales Process, Marketing systems, etc whatever can be done using Free (Zero cost) things

Digital Services [Social Media, Google FB Ad]

My Digital Services are  more Tailor made to these key industries which is of my interest & i have some prior experience knowledge about the inner working of these industries 

a.  Food, Poultry, Dairy, Winery Brewry [Essential Food Products Category] - Here i can do the digital for their online & offline retail if they have any online retail shop. I can also do amazon ads , if your products are also sold on amazon along with your online retail shop. I can  help to boost the WHOLESALE & Export business using PPC google /FB ads . I have  little knowledge of FOB, FIB pricing etc used in Exports

b. Hotel restaurent industry 

c. Fitness & Sports industry [ Beacause i want to develop  more fitness in me & use to play badminton & nowdays do yoga very seriously. So i can serve this industry better]

d.  Finances, Banking & Mortgages [Because i have worked in Metlife insurance as Sales maanger before moving in digital and have keen interest in  Finances & Mortgages Home loan, etc. I also can do Linkedin Based B2B digital campaigns for any Financial Investment banking firms  and  "Buffetology " by Mary Buffet , daughter in law of Legend Warren Buffet is my favorite book on investment. I am also very familiar with Debentures, Crisil ratings, Gold Mutual funds, REIT, etc

5 Google Ads Certified [Valid till 8 Nov 2024]  in     Google Search Ads,  Display Ads,  Google APPS ads , Google Video Ads, AI powered Shopping Ads 

 Video Editing Services

 My Showcase Reel below. Can do Video Editing on Adobe Premier & After Effects

Can also do Whiteboard Basic Animations

My Dummy Portfolio of Graphics Designs to showcase


My Online Course Training Program

Doctor (Indian) Zero Cost Ethical Marketing Online Course Program [ $99 USD ]

This course is about using Free ways accross 11 different expect of running a clinic /day care /Small set up to get upto 20%-22% more money, sales patients plus 15% extra free time. This is in accordance with  Indian Medio Legal aspects. 


 More Details Click Here 

HOTEL Zero Cost Ethical Marketing Online Course Program [ $600 USD ]

This course is about using Free ways accross 14 different expect of running a  Hotel  set up to get upto 20%-25% more money, sales patients plus 10%-12% extra free time. 

Hospital (Indian) Zero Cost Ethical Marketing Online Course Program [ $250 USD ]

This course is about using Free ways accross 14 different expect of running a clinic /day care /Small set up to get upto 20%-22% more money, sales patients plus 15% extra free time. This is in accordance with  Indian Medio Legal aspects. 

Hospital Zero Cost have all module sections of Doctor Clinic Zero Cost plus 3 extra modules named Revenue Management [Beds vacant/Room occupied] ; Employee Care Best Practises & Attendants Journey Mapping also. 


 More Details Click Here 

Dr. Amit Tade,
Diabetologist, mbbs,
Pune, India

"Zero-cost ethical marketing" is one of the best courses or guidelines in busy practise time to build and grow our own clinic setup.
Praval sir used to explain complicated marketing strategies and concepts in very simple language in a very few minutes.
Also, the Clinic master sheet helps in keeping proper records of patients, income, and expenses.
Because of your motivation, Sir, I started practising making small videos for patient education. 
Praval sir is always available for help in any difficulty. Thanks!
dr ss sibia.png

Dr. S.S. Sibia
Alternate Bye Pass, ECMR, Chelaton Treatment Specialist,
Ludhiana, Punjab, India

When we think of marketing we think of huge expenses, this mental block has been effectively broken by  Praval ji who has explained very well how we can get the maximum milage with minimum expense. 
Zero cost ethical marketing course by Praval Dadheech ji is an eye opener. I recommend it for anyone –  beginner or already established in their field. Pravalji connects very well with his audience and provides  solutions to queries based on his ongoing research attitude
Dr Anil Kaul ENT 1.jpg

Dr Anil Kaul
Consultant in ENT and Head and Neck Surgery
Panchkula (Haryana),India

I am a ENT Consultant in  professional practice.I had the  good fortune to take up the online Zero cost ethical marketing course offered by Mr Praval Dadheech ,with a view to get fresh insight on how to market the professional services being offered  in a effective and productive manner.I must say that right from the start I was impressed by Praful’s infectious enthusiasm and his sustained efforts in ensuring that the concepts put forward by him are easily understood .The concepts and ideas put forth by him in a systematic and organised manner  are very helpful and innovative. His presentations are done in  a  effective manner to ensure easy and smooth implementation in the relevant professional clinic setup. Further, he was always very accommodating in changing schedule of the one to one zoom sessions on my request due to unexpected professional /other unavoidable commitments.
Dr Shilpa Kenkere 1.jpg

Dr. Shilpa Kenkere 
Dentist, Goa, India

 " I have done zero cost marketing strategy with Praval Dadheech. I must say that the course was a very informative and enriching experience.The 1 to 1 sessions were quite helpful in reinventing things.

It helped me to organize my practice, compelled me to think about the shortcomings in my approach and the results are amazing! Thank you for your guidance and support, Praval
Dr Rahul gupta 3.jpg

Dr Rahul Gupta,
Dentist, Goa,


 Mr Praval Dadheech ( Advait Sharma) approached me selling this zero cost ethical marketing and requested appointment for  free strategy session to check if this is right fit for me. It was somewhere at the end of 2020. 
Intuitively his tele talks sounds very convincing & I became interested in his knowledge of these new ideas to buy this course. I took it by his confidence that it'll work and the shear will to keep trying for us.
Later when I joined it, I was really impressed by the amount of work he has put behind his course, the shear details, such a lot of homework and profiling, so many examples..and so on. He has really put a lot of hard work and hours into this course. 
Majority of his techniques require minimum efforts from our side and can be easily implemented within short time. My course is still going on but I am sure it will work.

I will definitely recommend him to anyone who is interested or even considering him. He's really hardworking and had out enourmous amount of hours into making this. Best of luck
Dr Sonal Kapoor Madiwale.jpg

 Dr. Sonal Kapoor Madiwale,
Homeopathic , 30 years of experience & sidewise starting a Pathology Diagnostic lab 
Pune, India

Dear Mr. Praval Dadheech
I appreciate your sincere efforts and time given for the one-on-one training on zero cost marketing techniques.   I found many of your ideas useful and would be implementing them soon (with a little fine adjustments according to my needs) to enhance my practice.
It will not only help in increasing the inflow of patients but also help in building Doctor-Patient relationship.
Thank you so much.
Dr Khushi Jain .png

Dr Khushi Jain, Physiotherapist, Shalby Hospital , Indore, India

" Thank you Praval, because it include educating amongst potential risk associated with medical field 
It also helped  building trust amonst the patients. Thanks again Praval
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